A Little Push!

Hello Friends!

Yesterday, I scrolled upon bullet journals while wasting my time on Pinterest, and I stumbled onto a concept called “Level 10 Goals”.

As those of you that follow my blog know I have committed to a few lifestyle changes as we welcomed 2016. Unfortunately, I have had a hard time keeping up with my own challenge. I seek excuses that allow me to skip or push the task onto the next day, and the habit becomes so reoccurring that I end up going weeks on end not sticking to my goal! I ultimately tell myself “I have the whole year to do this, I’ll catch up eventually” but in reality I am stopping myself from developing these habits and my character.

Hence, I have decided to evaluate myself using “Level 10 Goals”. I started with listing 10 categories which encompass my life, I then wrote a short description on how I can further enhance the categories into my life, and I finally made a pie chart with a rating scale of 1-10, 10 being greatly satisfied. And I colored in my satisfaction ratings of each category, and I will actively update it every month!

Here is a break down of my categories and how I would like to develop them:

  1. Family and Friends
    • Connect with new friends (ideally around my age and similar gender)
    • Stay in touch with old friends (text frequently, and dine occasionally)
    • Plan family nights on the weekend ( at least twice a month)
  2. Personal Development
    • Daily reading (at least 20 pages)
    • Practice and Enhance my French
    • Blog at least once a week (Sunday is a promise)!
  3. Spirituality
    • Morning Meditation (5 minutes on weekday, 10 minutes on weekend)
    • Translate/Read religious material (emphasis on Vedic culture) every evening!
  4. Finances
    • No more useless spending on pens and school supplies!
    • Focus on what I really NEED (think before buying)
  5. Career and Academics
    • Enter a career where i’m changing the lives of others
    • Study and receive grades related to my intellectual ability
    • Enter Graduate School
  6. Fun and Recreation
    • Indulge in Dance and Choreography, record more, maybe post online?
    • Travel
    • Daily me time (no phone or electronics for at least 30 minutes)
  7. Giving/Contribution
    • Volunteer/ devote time to stranger monthly (at least 4 time a month)
  8. Physical Environment
    • Clean and maintain bedroom
  9. Health and Fitness
    • Yoga (at gym) at minimum 2 times a week
    • 5k Training
    • Walk Mahi (my dog) daily
  10. Emotional Life
    • Control anger and tears
    • Avoid negative energy and thoughts (spread positive energy and thoughts)!
    • Limit my desire to vent to my best friend- less I get bothered, the less I vent

I inserted the quote:

” The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but building the new” ~Socrates

Reminding me that even though I have failed several times, it’s never too late to keep on trying and starting all over!

Here’s how I rated each category (as of today). Hopefully I can increase my satisfaction throughout the months!

  • Family and Friends: 2/10 because I have struggled with making and keeping friends my age without any conflict or discrepancies between lifestyles.
  • Personal Development: 4/10 because I occasionally keep up with my goal, but not daily.
  • Spirituality: 0/10 because I lack in efforts to develop my cultural understanding.
  • Finances: 5/10 because I have cut down on my useless spending by a lot, but I still have a lot of work to do in regards to control!
  • Career and Academics: 3/10 because I have finally learned how I study, but I’m still far from my ultimate goal. I have finally planned out the next 2 years academically!
  • Fun and Recreation: 0/10 because I do not pursue my passion of dance, even though I really want to, I have been having a difficult time implementing it. I also don’t provide myself “me” time without technology unless I’m napping.
  • Giving and Contribution: 1/10 since I do donate money occasionally to organizations, and use the charity miles app when i’m walking to donate to a different cause. But I want to focus on helping others more hands-on rather than money.
  • Physical Environment: 0/10… let’s just say my bedroom is a mess, and I need organize and clean my clothes.
  • Health and Fitness: 2/10 since I still do yoga on a daily basis, but I’m not doing a rigorous practice.
  • Emotional Life: 4/10 since I have been working on controlling my emotions for quite some time now, but I know I still have A LOT of progress left. This may be the most challenging aspect of my life because it determines my mood for everything else.


I really hope this journal idea really helps me integrate these changes into my life, as well as keep track of my progress. Tracking the process may be a motivating factor as well! Along with this, I am also doing a 30 day grateful challenge! More about that at the end of the 30 days!

Stay Smiling,

Preety 🙂


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