Greatest Elephant That Ever Lived!

I have finished reading the story of Modoc, and man am I amazed! The book really opens the reader to the emotions, and relationships humans and animals share. The entire novel is a TRUE story of a boy named Bram, and his admirable friend elephant, Modoc. Bram and Modoc were born on the same day and in the same farmhouse, for Bram’s father was an elephant trainer. The entire story encompasses the adventures and challenges both Bram and Modoc faced in the world, and their commitment and love to each other. Being an elephant lover, I already knew that I was going to enjoy the read. Upon completion, I did not expect the story to touch me in such a drastic way. The novel is very well written, every detail pulls the reader into the setting in order to experience the emotion, I caught myself crying a few times too! So far my favorite book of all time! I recommend the read to animal lovers, and even those just looking for  good read!

Since Modoc was a story focused on the life of a great elephant, I would also like to take some time to discuss the dangers this beautiful species is undergoing. The population of elephants is drastically decreasing in Asia and Africa due to the large ivory black market. In circuses and zoo’s, elephants are enclosed in small areas and trained to perform actions beyond their natural capabilities, they are smart, but they are abused to perform. There are several organizatins that are funding to preserve a species that may quickly vanish from our environment. In the past year alone, US and China have banned imports of ivory, and circuses are no longer allowed to perform with elephants! I encourage all readers to take some time to look into these organizations and the work they have accomplished. Please do check out Sheldrick Wildlife Trust African Wildlife Foundation, and Save the Elephants. Please do your part in raising awareness by being the voice of these beautiful animals.

Meditation update: after completing my last book, I have challenged myself to participate in a daily practice of meditation. Well, it was very difficult at first because I just don’t know what to think of or focus on. So I implemented the techniques I’ve learned in my yoga classes and started to focus on my breathing/holding my breathe occasionally at an inhale and exhaling a huge breath out. It has been working very well because I’m not thinking about anything except my breathing patterns! I have missed a few days here and there, completely forgetting about it, but if I remember, I’ll meditate regardless of the time (even though mornings are most ideal). I do keep a daily journal, but I pretty much summarized it in this paragraph.

The next book on the list is Being Mortal-Medicine and what matters in the field by Atul Gawande. Already on the 3rd book of the year!!

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Preety 🙂




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