Coach Insignia: Vegetarian Review

Detroit, a city full of history, sports, excitement, and of course, some amazing fine dining! A few months ago, I decided to dine at Coach Insignia, the restaurant located on the 71st and 72nd floor of the Renaissance Building right on the Detroit Riverfront! Since I am vegetarian, our food choices were a tad limited, but here’s what I thought about the experience!

Appetizer: Black Truffle Polenta Cake ($9)

  • The polenta cake was DELICIOUS! It’s covered with a rich cheese, which really enhances the flavor. The cake was placed on top of a pile of sliced mushrooms, now I am not a fan of mushrooms but they tasted okay with the cheese. Again, my disliking of the mushroom may be bias, but the cake and cheese, out of this world! The serving size was much smaller than I had imagined, so it’s not an appetizer to split amongst two.

Soup: Roasted Tomato ($8)

  • Now this soup left me licking the bowl, not literally. But the soup had a perfect touch of creaminess, spice, and tangy! I dipped in the bread they gave us before the appetizer, and just fell in love with the food. If anything, I would go back and just order the soup for all three courses, haha!

Main Dish: Crispy Tofu Filet ($28)

  • I love clean, raw eating and the crispy tofu filet was just that! A combination of asian slaw, ponzu vinaigrette, grilled tomato and asparagus, watercress salad, topped with steamed tofu made the dish wonderfully satisfying. Disclaimer, the main dish is not filling enough for those not used to eating raw food. So if you’re the type that needs a heavy main dish, there really aren’t much vegetarian options here.

Drinks: Virgin Pina Colada and Virgin Strawberry/berry Margarita

  • The drinks were delicious, being non-alcoholic I didn’t order off of the wine menu, but from other friends I’ve heard their wine and cocktail menu is a go-to!

Dessert: Zingerman’s Chocolate Gelato 

  • Oh my goodness, I have never had such rich chocolate ice cream in my life before! It was delicious, and I’m an ICE CREAM LOVER! I honestly can say Zingerman’s is my favorite ice cream of all time now. The ice cream was served in a cold bowl with fresh cut strawberries on top, I felt bad digging in because it looked so nice!


  • Our waiter was remarkably kind, enjoyable, and helpful. Since it was my first time there, I had asked several questions and took a long time making an order, but he remained patient with me throughout the night. Also, our table was located right by the window, so we had a beautiful view of the Detroit River, Windsor, Detroit, the Ambassador bridge, topped off with a beautiful sunset to watch. The bill came to a total of $90 including tip on our dinner, and as college students, that’s A LOT! The elevator ride was very pleasant, it was a glass elevator so you could enjoy the view while going up. Afterwards, we enjoyed a nice walk along the Detroit riverfront! Overall, I totally recommend Coach Insignia to all family and friends, the money was really worth the experience! If you’re ever in the Detroit Area, be sure to make a reservation and enjoy a night that’ll create lasting memories!

Check out Coach Insignia Here! 

Our view of Detroit from the 72nd floor
Renaissance Building, Coach Insignia located on the middle building above the pink lights!

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