Get Your Matcha On!

Green Tea, you may have heard of the new trend these days;  from the Matcha Frap at Starbucks to Matcha Lattes from your local coffee shop, it’s the new “trend” these days.

But what is this Matcha Green Tea, and what benefits do we get from it? Is it really something worth trying?

Well Matcha is the powdery form of the leaf where all true tea’s come from, it’s actually the purest form of Green Tea! Originated from Japan, it’s hard to get a pure form of Matcha locally at an affordable price, it’s important to always check for other ingredients that may be mixed in. Example? The Matcha from Starbucks is 51% Sugar and 49% Matcha, you’re not actually buying pure Matcha!

So what do we get from drinking Matcha? Well, here are a few benefits:

  1. 1 teaspoon of Matcha has the same amount of caffeine in 1 cup of coffee, but with Matcha you will have energy for about 7-8 hours without crashing once or needing to refuel!
  2. Matcha is one of a few food types that’s very high in Antioxidants, leaving our skin looking young and fresh!
  3. Indulge yourself with Catechin, a cancer fighting property which is highest only in Matcha when compared to other teas.
  4. Aids in enhancing calmness, and alertness with the L-Theanine Amino acid which is naturally found in Matcha. L-Theanine increases the production of dopamine and serotonin, which in turn enhances our mood and memory as well!
  5. Green tea has antibiotic properties that helps enhance and strengthen our immune system! KILL THOSE GERMS!
  6. A great detoxifier with a good amount of fiber and a metabolism kickstarter!

So why chug cups on cups of coffee when you can indulge in one glass of Matcha green tea daily? Obviously, many of these benefits become evident after a week or so of drinking matcha on a daily basis, but they truly are evident when they happen!

Personally, i’ve been indulging in green tea since December 2014, fairly recent. I’ve tried various brands from Green Foods Matcha to some brands sold on Amazon. To my disbelief, every time I learned there was an added ingredient which made the matcha not as pure as it could be. In Late April of this year, I somehow came upon encha organic Matcha. I ordered the pack, and gave it a chance equally to the other brands I had tried. Let me tell you one thing, not only could I taste the difference between the pure matcha and the other brands I had bought in the past, but after a few weeks I could SEE the difference. Encha is a small business located in California that gets ORGANIC matcha from the farmlands of Japan, and they don’t even add anything into the powder, it’s only Matcha!!! Encha offers a variety of different grades of Matcha depending how you like to consume it. You can add matcha in your baked goods, make lattes, smoothies, or just mix it in water and drink it the traditional way. If you’re interested in exploring the Matcha world, I do encourage you to buy it from Encha because that’s the only place you’ll be able to get the true experience. Oh, and their customer service is AMAZING!!!

In no way am I being paid or reimbursed for mentioning Encha in my blogpost, everything I wrote is my own words, experience, and honesty. A friends once told me “The wise one learns from other’s experiences”, so to save you the time, money, and efforts I thought why not make a post about my findings because I have wasted a lot of time, money, and energy trying to find the perfect Matcha, and now that I have, it’s the only one I recommend!

Check out Encha Matcha at

Traditional form of Matcha Green Tea made from Encha Powder.
Traditional form of Matcha Green Tea made from Encha Powder.

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