For those that don’t live in Metro Detroit, they have a pretty bad idea what Detroit is all about.

I’m sure when you hear the name Detroit you think of the city that went bankrupt, or the possibility of getting shot if you roam the streets.

Well, I had that image in my head as well, and I lived in Michigan my whole life.

But let me tell you something, we were all wrong.

After attending school in Detroit for 4 years, I learned that no other city is as beautiful as Detroit.

A city that celebrates all ethnic groups from Eastern Market to Mexican Town.


Where you find the safest university in our nation, NATION!!!

Where you meet the most caring, and energetic individual’s every corner you turn.


A city that’s always thriving with little festivities that make a LARGE impact.

Where you can see Canada across the street and just wave HI!


Where you can run a marathon in two countries, all in a few hours.

Where you can find one of Michigan’s adventurous State Parks- did I mention it’s an Island and bigger than Central park?


Where the Lions and Tigers rule.


A city whose team won the most Stanley cups in the Nation- GO WINGS!


The reason why we have cars and our own phone numbers!


Where the princess isn’t a person, but our enormous Cruise ship.


The bright light of freedom for those traveling the underground railroad.


The birthplace of Techno, paved roads, and salt mines.


Where you can find historical museums on every street.


It’s more than a city, it’s our home!

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