The gate that was once open

There are some memories we never forget,

Like the open blue gate that always permit.

The walls that once echoed with laughter,

Is now what we are sought after.

I’ll never forget sitting on the swing,

Waiting for what you would bring.

I miss Beeji’s delicious food,

Which always sparked the adventurous mood.

I’ll miss sleeping under the moonlight,

When everything seemed to be alright.

I’ll always remember your lessons,

for they left a marking impression.

You made our home shine bright,

now there is not even a dim light.

I wish you were here to set everything right,

then no one would dare to put up a fight.

I miss your embrace,

for they gave me a place..

A place to call home,

but now there is nothing but stones.

In memory of my loving grandparents, gone but never forgotten.

12/20/2006, 01/12/2015.

2012-07-26 16.17.33

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