Hello world!

Did you know only 10% of our happiness comes from external circumstances? Think about that.

We only have one life to live, and who know’s how long our time on this planet is- shouldn’t we be living up every day like it’s our last? I know it’s easy said than done, trust me, we are all humans. We are able to practically think, but we are not able to act upon our practicality.  We live in a world where money is given a higher preference than passion. Where we strive to be the best, but we forget to be humble. We become amazing professionals, but can we say we are amazing human’s?

These questions encompass my thoughts on a daily basis, I wake up every day thinking how I can make today rememberable. It’s all about our perspective, we can walk into work dreading the next few hours, or we can frolic into work wondering what we will  learn today. It’s honestly all about our perspective, and I’m on that journey to changing my daily perspective on life. Even though I’m entering a career where my passion rests, I have hobbies and goals that I’m determined to achieve in this wonderful life of mine.

I dedicate this blog to my daily shenanigans as a medical student, from trying new restaurants around town, exploring new recipes, learning about new cultures, traveling the world, to reaching out to different non-profits. I mean I do only have one life to live, and I’m going to live to achieve the 90% of happiness that comes from within, my way.

Enjoy Exploring,

Preety 🙂


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